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Trusted Source is a free monthly newsletter that comes straight from us. Each edition features a piece of exemplary media – videos, podcasts, radio features, multi-media pieces – on life with a disability. All of our recommendations are share-friendly in length, most under 10 min. We seek out work that is well-crafted, original, entertaining, and above all honest to the experience of people with disabilities. Each piece is accompanied by three talking points, or “reasons we like this,” to provoke thoughtful conversation. Over 1,500 educators, non-profits, activists, and advocates use our media recommendations to bring a powerfully accessible human perspective to their work.


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July 2015


Three men, three challenges, and three dreams realized.

June 2015


Getting real on sex, dating, and disability.

May 2015


One man uses MS to his delightfully devious advantage.

April 2015


Judy Heumann is an icon of the American disability rights movement.  This is her story.

March 2015


This is The Wizard of Oz as you’ve never seen it before.

February 2015


“He was a man among men.  Your dad as a giant.”

January 2015


We dare you not to stare at Shannon.

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