Action & Advocacy

ACTIVATE HERE! was made in partnership with several national and regional advocacy groups for people with disabilities specifically so that they could share it with their communities of self-advocates and those who support them.  We made the series is available free to stream and download on Vimeo to make it as easy to use and share as possible.

Accommodation is a collaboration between Welcome Change Productions and New York University’s Moses Center for Students with Disabilities. The Moses Center facilitates equal access to programs and services for students with disabilities throughout the school, fostering independent decision making skills necessary for personal and academic success. Accommodation demonstrates the necessity of on-campus accommodations for people with disabilities and the ease with which they can be made. It has been presented as a model of such accommodations before the InterAgency Council of New York and the AHEAD Conference (Association of High Education and Disability.)

The Collector of Bedford Street
Kiwanis International, a global volunteer organization, continues to show the film to over 25,000 students across the world in leadership trainings to teach community building and volunteerism.

Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy
Diana continues to advocate for people with disabilities all over the world, speaking at conferences, summits, trainings, and schools. If you would like Diana to speak at your event, contact us at

In 2011, Alice & Diana traveled to Uzbekistan through the University Film & Video Association’s American Documentary Showcase. They kept a video blog of their adventures, check it out here: Alice and Diana’s Awesome Adventure in Uzbekistan.

The Collector of Bedford Street and Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy have screened at over 100 conferences and festivals world-wide.